Learn to Start A Preschool - How To Open Daycare

Starting A Preschool?  Take Back Your Children - Start a Preschool In Your Home! (It's NOT How To Open Daycare)

Remember when it was normal for a mom to raise her children in the home?

Wow! Times have sure changed!

According to recent study, "In 2005, 61 percent of children ages 0 to 6 (and not yet in kindergarten) spent time in nonparental care."- Child Trends Databank.  These days its totally rare to find a mother in the home raising her children. 

What has happened?  Well there are many reasons, but the primary reason is - the lack of money.  Sound familiar?

What if I told you there's a way to both spend quality time with your children AND get paid a full time income??  Keep reading... (hint... How To Open Daycare? No, Starting A Preschool silly!!) ;-)

The sad thing is ... with the economy the way it is, hundreds of thousands of moms are quite literally being forced to leave the home and choose between a paycheck or their kids.  And if you are anything like me, I absolutely HATED the idea of having someone else raise my kids!! Knowing that I am pretty much relinquishing 75% of their developmental stages to a daycare worker, was just unacceptable!

After seeking out all my options, including how to open daycare, I decided to start a preschool in my home and now am making a FULL TIME income ($3,000 - $4,000/month), working only 5 hours a day!  Now I'm spending each and everyday at home with my 3 children and being able to live comfortably!

A Quality Education For Your Kids - Free!

One of the greatest blessings you'll have when starting a preschool is the excellent education my 3 children are receiving before they ever get to Kindergarten.  Imagine watching your 4 year old read to you or count to 100!  Our little girl did those things last month and I was almost in tears!  And it was 100% thanks to my home based preschool business and being able to spend time with her during the day! If you've ever asked the question how to open daycare, read on ...

The Best Job Ever!

Look if you are even considering going back to work and leaving your children in the hands of someone else ... or wondering how to open daycare and stay with your children all day ...

You absolutely owe it to yourself to come visit me at http://www.startapreschool.com right this very minute! ;-)

There you'll discover how HUNDREDS of moms all over the world literally TOOK BACK their children...

You'll also learn how you can make an extra $500, $1000 even $4,000 (depending on how much money you need) spending quality time with your children!!

Come by and say hi! ;-)

-Joy Anderson

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