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Stay At Home Moms Worth $134K Per Year!

According to a report at Salary.com, a Stay-at-Home Mom is worth 134k per year. I so agree with that. Stay-at-Home Moms have been and always will be the backbone of this society. A bold statement? Sure it is and I stand behind it.

Although their time taking care of the home, the kids, the wash, and much more is very valuable, many of them feel unsatisfied. The pressure of living on a single income often times creeps into their dreams. This backwards world tells us that a mom that gives herself entirely to her family and refuses to work outside the home is just plain lazy. I call it loyalty and honorable. That message is so messed up. It is such a shame that they get people to believe that. Those moms who do end up buying into the lie and then venture outside the home for a job are in for a rude awakening. Bosses are demanding, positions are demanding. The owners want to squeeze out every last cent they can and putting unfair demands on their employees is not unheard of. More often than not, the mom's family, which was once on solid ground, is now resting on sinking sand.

My wife is a full-time Stay-at-Home Mom and I know the hours she puts in. There are not that many hours in a day to do what she does and keep our home running, while dedicating herself to a job outside the home. It's like pushing a marshmallow through a keyhole. Something has to give and it tends to be the family. 24 hours of time cannot fit on a 12-hour clock. The numbers go from one to 12 and no further, no matter how bad you want them to.

The solution is a home-based business where a "household engineer" can put in a couple hours a week from the comfort of her own home and bring some extra money into the family's bank account. Or maybe to get some extra spending money. Lord knows, you deserve it, ladies!
Forget the pressures and stress of a job outside your home. 134k a year? I say you're worth more. A good solid home-based business that revolves around something you love to do would be a perfect fit if you're feeling antsy. Whatever you do, don't give up your family. They are worth it and you are blessed because of your loyalty to them.

Tony Thomas is a husband of 21 years to a Stay-at-Home Mom. He believes in the sanctity of the family and knows the worth of his wife and all others like her.

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